Fadec V-10 ECU - Kero Start

Fadec V-10 ECU - Kero Start
Manufacturer: Xicoy
€186.30 incl VAT
(€155.25 excl VAT)

Miniature FADEC Main unit. (ECU) Autostart. Magnetic RPM input. Only the main unit, no RX cables nor power leads. Start mode: Manual, Gas and Kerostart. 

Weight: 18g. Size: 47x29x15 mm.

Battery voltage: 7,4V nominal. 8,4V Maximum

Important notes:

- This unit uses the new data terminal with servo lead. Old data terminal not compatible.

-In the case you plan to upgrade your old engine to Kerostart system, please note that:

  • It is not easy to upgrade and setup a kerostart system. Not a plug&play system. There are many variables to adjust.
  • Some engines are not compatible with kerostart due at combustion chamber or starter issues.
  • It is very easy to convert a engine to a flamethrower. All tests must be done in a test bench equiped by fire supresant devices.
  • The system we offer including the software has been used and sold on production engines for over than a year with hundreds of engines sold. It is a proven system, but this don't guarantee a succes in your particular engine.
  • The support from Xicoy Electronica will be limited to the user's manual and clarifications to it. We will not supply turnkey systems, parameter list, etc, because it is impossible for us to test and know all the engines and engine variants in the market.
  • We will not refund any parts (ecu, burner, etc) that be in good working order but prove incompatible with customer's engine. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: These units are sold "blank" not programmed for a particular engine. please contact Turbine Solutions with your programming requirements in the special instructions box on the checkout page. Alternatively give us a call to discuss your needs. 

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