Exhaust Cap (2)

Exhaust Caps to suit TS/Wren 44 Heli & Turbo Prop Engines Supplied as a Pair
€7.01 incl VAT
(€5.84 excl VAT)
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Fuel Clunk

30g high flow fuel clunk
€5.57 incl VAT
(€4.64 excl VAT)

45 Starter Motor O Ring (Pack of 4)

Starter Motor O Ring (45) Startermotor O Ring to fit TS45i, Heli and Turboprop / Wren 44 range of engines.
€7.08 incl VAT
(€5.90 excl VAT)

Whiplash Special Edition 45i Heli Turbine Engine

Turbine Solutions Heli Turbine Engine (6 WEEKS LEAD TIME)
€4,389.60 incl VAT
(€3658.00 excl VAT)