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New Product Release - Whiplash Special Edition 45i Heli Turbine Engine

We are very proud to announce our latest collaboration which enables the release of our Whiplash Special Edition 45i Heli Turbine Engine.

With its Max Power Output:6.8HP / 5Kw @ 190,000 rpm and weight of 1480g / 3lbs 4oz our engine is the perfect partner for the Whiplash Helicopter.

Our special edition comes complete with the following to get you up and running as quickly as possible:

Turbine,Built in engine mount,Custom Length Wiring, ECU, Data Terminal, ECU/Receiver wire, Gearbox Spanner,
Fuel Pump, Fuel Pump mount, Inline Fuel Filter, 3mm "Y" Festo fitting, 3mm Inline Festo fitting, Fuel Solenoid Valve,
Kero Start Solenoid Valve, Custom Length, Fuel Pump/Battery Lead, Fully Fitted Custom length Fuel tube, Fully Fitted Custom Length Kero Burner Tube,
0.5mtr. x 4mm Fuel Tube,  Instruction Manual, 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty.
Part Availability

In the interests of ensuring the safety of our customers and the public in general we'd like to take the opportunity of reconfirming our decision not to supply internal engine components that require tuning/adjustments in a controlled environment with the correct tools and skills to ensure the engine performs correctly without risk of damage.

All engines that leave our facility are tested in enclosures after following strict procedures for repair, service or production.

All components used also undertake a number of specific tests and checks to ensure they comply to our strict requirements before being utilised.

We would not, and can not take any responsibility for internal components sold where we are not in control of their assembly processes.

Should you have any reuqirement for a repair or service where internal component exchange may be required please contact Paul directly at where the costs of any diagnostic work will always be kept to a minimum.

Thank you all for your understanding.


How to send us your engines

If you live within UK/ EU countries please complete the paperwork for shipping with the words:

 “Miniature toy engine for repair & return. Tariff 9503 007 900”.

 If you live outsideUK/EU countries please mark your parcel & paperwork as follows:

 "Miniature toy engine for repair & return. Tariff 9503 007 900”.

UK Customs Code 51 00 001

Please avoid putting high valuation on shipping documents as this will lead to high import charges which will need to be paid by you prior to any work undertaken.

Make sure that no fuel/oil is left in the pipes

Seal the engine & accessories in plastic bags to stop any odours of fuel/oil or leaks.

Make sure there are no other labels on the box except for shipping – as this can confuse Customs.

Always return your engine with its ECU & fuel pump

Always enclose a note of your name, address, telephone number & e.mail address

Please ship to the address below:

Turbine Power Solutions Ltd

Unit 15, Mount Osbourne Business Centre

Oakwell View  


South Yorkshire

S71 1HH

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)1226 240711

E Mail:

Please use the shipping label provided.